Investment in Renewable Energy Sourcesis not only for the „richest”

See how you can get finance on its own power:

Loans – currently Alior Bank offers convenient loans for people who want to invest in renewable energy


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Credit – currently, BOŚ Bank has special credit offers for people wanting to invest in RES

Important files:
Application EkoKredyt PV

The documents necessary to apply Karta informacyjna i Zaświadczenie o dochodach


Instalments – we offer an option to pay in instalments



Unfamiliar with legal aspects? Don’t know what formalities to expect?

It seems like there’s a long way ahead to create the power house? Couldn’t
be more wrong. If you are creating the powerhouse for your own needs, the
formalities and preparations are only few.


  •  individuals and companies should inform the city or town council before installation of such a solution
  • legal requirements do not regulate the exact rules during the assembly of such solutions, but it is worth to protect yourself, so that no problems arise at a later time
  • just take or mail to the municipality a notification of assembling a mast or panels
    and wait 30 days. No objection can be regarded as consent
  • “application to build a domestic power plant” template Prepare documents proving ownership of the property on which you are installing the power plant. We may ask for it before installation
  • try to clean the area where you plan to put the power plant of unnecessary items
    that may interfere with the installation (e.g. free space for a windmill on a balcony
    or access to the wall for the installation)
  • If you produce electricity only for your own needs, you do not have to worry about a license, excise or additional taxes. However, if you wish to connect it to a
    common network, find out what the laws are regarding this