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We have been in the electric installations business since 1988. Back then ecological power plants with Renewable Energy Sources weren’t very well known. We have participated in many trainings, to extend and deepen our knowledge and experience.

Being certain that our power plants will bring savings and a peace of mind to our customers, we have decided to create an offer based on RES.




We run our business with the welfare of all manking in mind. Our products and services help our customers not only save money, but also care for a healthy environment for all of us and our children. We want as many people as possible to benefit from the gifts of nature – energy from the earth, sun and wind.

We realize that a personal power plant is a major investment. Our products and services have a vital impact on your future sense of independence, finances and safety. That is why we focus on the highest quality, by means of, among other things:

  • cooperation with the best and tested contractors,
  • numerous specialized crews in many places in Poland,
  • installations in accordance with fire-protection regulations,
  • certificates attesting for the quality of our products

We perform our installations quickly and efficiently, so as not to disturb you in your daily duties.

Just like you, we also do not like the noise and the mess resultant from renovations, that is why we guarantee the assembly of our electric plants in under two days, we use quiet equipment and we take care to keep the work area clean.

Service and warranty

Our work does not end with the installation of our solutions in your home. We also offer servicing our installation during its operation. We will make sure that the device is working properly and safely, perform maintenance or any small repairs.
To guarantee the best quality, we will issue a warranty for up to 35 years of faultless operation of our products. This is the longest existent warranty period on the Polish market.

The warranty includes:

  • damage resultant from weather conditions
  • faults in operation

Bet on the professionals. Choose the business that takes good care of its customers.