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How does it work?

Photovoltaic panels are made up of special cells that absorb particles of solar energy and turn them into electricity. The panels themselves produce a current that is different from the one in standard electric sockets. In order to change the direct current to alternating current, panels are connected to inverters, so that the current can be used in the household, company or institution.

Who for?

This technology uses the sun rays, so before installing, you need to find a suitable place for it. Solar panels, to be effective, need good access to sunlight. Make sure that the sun reaches the place where you want to mount the panel. The important factors are also: the roof angle, the north-south orientation, and the shading of the roof.


  • photovoltaic energy is completely ecological – it does not produce exhaust gas, carbon dioxide or other environmentally harmful substances
  • the energy is obtained from a renewable source, so the electricity may be used for many years, without worrying about rising energy costs
  • panels are resistant to various weather conditions (such as rain, hail, very low temperatures)
  • the installation operates quietly and independently. It requires no additional work on your part.
  • you can store or share the surplus electricity produced at home






How does it work?

Domestic wind turbines, as the name suggests, produce energy through flow of air in the atmosphere. The wind moves the turbine which, once set in motion, generates kinetic energy. By means of an inverter, it is then converted into electrical energy.

Who for?

Domestic wind turbines can be attached to your house (e.g. on a terrace, balcony, on the roof), or located anywhere in your yard. You must make sure that you have access to a space where the propeller fan will be able to rotate easily. Our solutions come in different sizes, making it easier to match them to your requirements. Wind turbines also require access to the wind, so make sure that your house or yard is not covered by other buildings, which will slow the wind down.


  •  the energy produced from wind is ecological – it does not produce environmentally harmful substances, like carbon dioxide
  •  in our geographic location there are no wind anomalies (such as long quiet spells or hurricanes), so you will always have access to your electricity
  •  the energy from renewable sources may be used for many years, without worrying about rising energy costs
  • the turbines are resistant to various weather conditions (such as rain, hail, very low temperatures)
  •  wind power plants can operate continuously for many years, as long as the weather is favourable


How does it work?

Heat pumps are able to use energy from the air, water or soil. The pump changes the natural course of temperature, so that lower temperatures travel to spots where the temperatures are higher (home systems) and heats them up. For the pump to operate and create heat, it also requires outside electricity. However, it is used to a much lesser extent than green energy (approximately 1⁄3 to 2⁄3), which is why heat pumps are still considered ecological energy sources.

Who for?

The heat pump is for you if you are just looking for a way to heat your home or running water. It can be installed in almost every type of estate. It requires access to the ground, ground-water or air, and access to conventional electricity. The pump may be mounted near the house or in the basement (heating from the ground)


  • it may be used to heat up houses where there are no chimneys or the chimneys are non-functioning
  • one of the cheapest sources of energy to heat up your home
  •  ecological and environment-friendly, despite the need for small supplies of outside electricity
  •  the heat pump operates easily with other, traditional or ecological, energy sources.


Personal power plants, operating on RES, are safe and automatic. It is advisable, however, to check from time to time whether the system is still functioning properly and perform minor maintenance. Over the course of 40 years, the panels, pipes or rotors are subject to many factors, resultant from normal use, which may decrease the operational qualities of the device.

To guarantee the full efficiency of the product and full safety, we offer service and inspections of the devices.

Our crew is on call for home visits, to:

  • check whether the quantity of produced electricity is correct
  • inspect the cables and installations for breaks and wear of insulation
  • clean the turbine or panel, subject to major contaminations