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„Technical dialogue is conducted based on art. 31a-31c act of 29 January 2004Public Procurement Law (Journal of Laws 2010 No.113, pos. 759 as amended).

Art. 31a. 1. Purchaser, prior to the initiation of the procurement procedure, may conduct technical dialogue, asking for advice or provision of information, to the extent necessary to prepare the description of the order subject, specification of vital order conditions or determining the conditions of the contract.

2. Technical dialogue is conducted in a manner ensuring fair competition and equal treatment of potential contractors and solutions offered by them.

Art. 31b. The Purchaser publishes information about their intention to conduct a technical dialogue and of its subject on their website.

Art. 31c. The Purchaser publishes information of the application of technical dialogue in the contract notice, which the technical dialogue pertains to.

Example scope of works according to Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV):

– Solar photoelectric units
– Services of designing systems for provision of electric energy
– Shed parts
– Electric installation works
– Switching stations installation
– Covering roofs with solar cell panels
– Financial and insurance services